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Veggie Burgers…with Bacon.

So, maybe your boyfriend (or girlfriend) is really good at making burgers. I mean REALLY good at making burgers. And maybe that significant other gets kind of upset when you suggest that you want to make homemade veggie burgers.



Well, I didn’t do it with Crafstine because she’s busy working on her final grad paper (I should be too, but instead I’m making veggie burgers….hahahahahaa….wahhh….) but the boyf is gone for the weekend, so I had the opportunity to make them without him whining every second about how I’ll never want to eat one of his burgers again (I do!!!!).

I got this recipe from 101 Cookbooks. I made a few changes, however. I left out the sprouts and the lemon zest (because I didn’t have them) and added a piiiinch of cayenne. I’ll add more next time, because I didn’t really get a kick. Those were the only changes I made, and I followed the cooking procedure to a T.

Not shown: breadcrumbs, eggs, and toppings. I added guacamole, tomato, and bacon. 

I was also hungry so I made the patties much bigger. I got  8 patties out of the mixture, since I made them bigger. And I didn’t have bread either! So I used two patties as bread and put the “toppings” in the middle. ….I’m a fatty? I was hungry!!!


I highly recommend Heidi’s recipe for these burgers. They were delicious, although a bit messy, but isn’t that the fun of eating? You know, like chicken wings.