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Cannin’ Carrots

Big ol’ bowl of carrots.

So say Crafstine sees you coming home from work and says, “Uh. Hey. I have a lot of carrots? Do you want some to pickle? I ran out of quart jars….” you say HELL YES. Have you ever had spicy pickled carrots? NOW YOU WILL.

This recipe made 6 quarts of carrots and we used Sherri’s recipe from Put ‘Em Up! Another blogger used Sherri’s recipe with a larger volume since she was also doing quarts, which helped us out a lot. Here’s the blog post!  Let’s Go!!!!


10 cups Distilled white vinegar
3 cups Sugar
7 Tablespoons Salt
4 Jalapenos, sliced (or cherry peppers…or both? or any other spicy delicious pepper)
8 – 10 Garlic cloves, peeled and sliced
1 Tablespoon Red Pepper Flakes


We didn’t end up using red pepper flakes because we had some seriously spicy peppers. To start out, prepare your jars. My stove is ANCIENT and takes A LONG TIME so this is all about time management for me. I start the jars before I do anything with the produce that I’m processing. Once you get your jars going in the hot water bath to sterilize them, prepare your jar fixin’s.




Start your brine! Put the water, vinegar, and salt into a pot and bring up to a boil. Once it’s boiling, you can either simmer it until the jars are done, or if you timed it juuuusttt riiiight you can just pour it right into the jars!

Once your jars are good to go, about ten minutes in the bath, take them out and start packin’. I’m not sure how many pounds of carrots we used, since Crafstine had THE BIGGEST BOWL EVER, but we didn’t even use the entire bowl that was shown -we probably used 3/4 of the bowl. Put the peppers and garlic in, the carrots can be packed in as much as you can fit, and then pour the brine over the carrots. Headspace should probably be around 1/2 an inch, because as the carrots move around and release their own fluids, the liquid covers enough. Heat up some lids in some hot water to activate the seal and sterilize the rings, and process in a hot water bath for 10 minutes.



Enjoy these with sandwiches! Burgers! On hot dogs! Straight out of the jar! I hope you enjoy these, as these are probably my favorite pickle.


Stay cool while canning! With the stove on for hours it gets brutal in the kitchen.

Until next time!


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The Occasional Vegetarian’s Roasted Brussel Sprouts…

and butternut squash, apples, and walnuts!

YOU GUUUYYYSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! A few days ago, I found this recipe on serious eats (http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/01/roasted-brussels-sprouts-butternut-squash-apple-candied-walnuts-recipe.html) and knew I wanted to try it. THANK GOD I DID.  I changed a few things, however.

Hey! Look at those guys all hangin’ out!  Note the bag of vegetable scraps behind the pan. I make sure to save scraps of veggies (and meat bones) in a freezer bag. When I get enough scraps, I make a stock.

So the recipe dictates to make these CRAZY CANDIED WALNUTS. I did not do that because I’m lazy. Also, I totally forgot to get a shallot, but used 1/2 an onion (Who uses shallots anyway? Am I missing something about these guys?). So, I cut up all of the guys and tossed them with olive oil/salt and pepper. Then, I chopped up some walnuts, about 1/2 a cup, and plopped them on top. Once I baked them, I took them out and drizzled maple syrup on them, as per the recipe states. I’m not even sure these guys needed the maple syrup…the apple kind of did it for me, and in the future, I’ll probably disregard the syrup and maybe add more apple

Finished product!

I am super happy that I decided to read that review of The Occasional Vegetarian and make this recipe! I didn’t even miss the bacon  (and really, I always want bacon).


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